So, you are trying to work out the strategy which will make you a constant winner and rough customer. Sure, it is useful to read books on poker strategy like Brunson’s “Super/System,” Sklansky’s “The Theory Of Poker,” Caro’s “Book Of Poker Tells” and so on. But what is not very good about these sources of poker wisdom is that they are available for everyone. You can hardly find a regular poker player who hasn’t read these basics of poker.


I am not saying that reading them is worthless. Quite the opposite – these are kinds “must reads.”  But to be a winner you need to have something exclusive, not available for your opponents. Military men call it “a secret weapon.” Gamblers – just poker ace.

We are offering you our exclusive little hints. The bonus codes listed below will add some extra money to your account. It is like having your starting position several feet ahead your adversaries in races.

Don’t forget that you have to type the codes in the special field while registering. In other cases you’ll lose the chance to get a bonus as they are only for newly registered users.



Tested promo codes for EMPIRE POKER:


EMP100BONUS – gives players a 20% up to $100 sign-up bonus

EMP25BONUS – gives players a 25$ sign-up bonus


Tested promo codes for PARTY POKER:


OPOKER100 – gives players a 20% up to $100 sign-up bonus

OPOKER25 – gives players a $25 sign-up bonus


Have in mind that these bonuses are valid for only new players with new accounts. The poker sites have evolved a lot thru the years and easily detect irregular activities like if you have more that one account and are trying to cheat the promo offers! Just don’t do it. Your accounts, all of them, even the legit ones, will get banned and you will lose all your money in them. Stick to the rules and you will be much safer. On the other hand a good way to “cheat” those online poker sites is to well – use a poker HUD software.


A poker HUD as described is a little app that you download on your computer and it will show you a ton of helpful stats about the way your competitors play. How and when they raise, fold and check. There are plenty of programs like that to choose from ( check out PT4, hand2note and EZHUD for example) and using one of them is a much better and safer way to make money playing poker online than plain old cheating on the sign -up bonuses.


Another good and also legit way to “cheat” the system and to make some extra money to play with at the tables are the so called “referrals”. As the name suggests a referral is a friend or a family member who you sign up to the online poker site you are playing at. And as reward they will give you a small or a big, depending on the site, bonus. The bonus is often in the form of free play money, not real cash and will vary anywhere between $10 and $100 or more. Depending how aggressive the online poker site is in recruiting new users – the bigger the bonus will be.


In conclusion


Plenty of sites do offer welcome bonuses to new players. To take full advantage of these bonuses make sure your initial deposit is as big as you can afford. Most often the sign-up bonus will be a portion of the deposit so – make it BIG! This is basically free money so why not take as much as you can of it!